Spare Replacement Policy

Service Description:

Spare hardware replacement also known as 3-Legged RMA is described as the replacement of a customer production device with a spare device that is stored at the Support Now Partner. The process includes the transfer of entitlements and licenses to the spare device by Pulse Secure. After the replacement is complete, the Support Now partner that provided the spare device will re-test device and either re-cycle the defective device by factory reset or replace through the 5-days advanced exchange Pulse Secure Return Material Authorization (RMA).

Eligibility and Purchasing:

Pulse Secure does not mandate spares inventory to have warranty or a valid service contract to be eligible for transfer of entitlements and licenses, but the customer device must have valid service contract. In the event that the customer does not have a valid contract, customer will have to purchase a support contract or renew the expired contract prior to the completion of the Spare License transfer or Spare RMA.


  1. Pulse Secure will authorize and will assist with transferring the software license from the defective device to the spare.
  2. If necessary, Pulse Secure will replace the defective unit with a replacement unit in accordance to the service level agreement or warranty and RMA procedures.
  3. The service contracts/ warranty dates and licenses will have the same expiration as the defective device transferred to the spare device used during this transaction.
  4. Pulse Secure will provide guidance as to the status of the contracts if not current and needing renewal or ordering.
  5. Pulse Secure support team will assist further the Support Now partner, as needed, to complete the RMA transaction.

Support Now Partner Responsibility  

  1. Support Now Partners will ensure that all production devices that are used in an RMA - spare replacement transaction have an active service contract at all times. Support Now Partners must test the end customer suspected defective unit before processing the RMA, in order to avoid NTF situations at Pulse Secure.
  2. Support Now Partners must file a support case for the license and entitlement transfer request or for the replacement of the defective device as needed
  3. Support Now Partners will be responsible for factory resetting the defective device in the event that no trouble is found (NTF) following the spare replacement.
  4. Support Now Partners are prohibited from re-using the licenses that were attached to the defective device as this violates the license agreement.
  5. Upon provision of reasonable notice, Pulse Secure shall have the right to audit the deployment of the spare in order to confirm that no license from a defective device is used in production.


Spare replacement RMA services are available to Support Now Partners that are authorized to purchase and stock Pulse Secure products as spare.

Ordering Information

For ordering information, please contact your local Pulse Secure Partner or Pulse Secure field sales manager.