Remote Installation & Consulting Service

Service Description

Pulse Secure Remote Installation and Consulting Service provides customers up to four hours consulting service for configuring and on-boarding their Pulse Secure device. This service ensures that customers can quickly deploy their Pulse Secure solution while following industry best practices for network deployment and security.

Customers that purchase the Remote Installation and Consulting Service will contact Pulse Secure global support team to create a remote installation service request. Pulse Secure customer support engineers will assist the customer with configuring the device and to answer any question on best practices for their deployment. In addition, Remote Installation and Consulting Service customers will get an overview of Pulse Secure support tools and how to quickly create or escalate a support case.

The Remote Installation and Consulting Service consists of up to four hours of remote consulting for on-boarding and system setup for a single Pulse Secure Hardware. Customers with multiple devices or complex deployment scenarios may purchase multiple counts of the Remote Installation and Consulting Service. For example, a customer needing assistance for the deployment of two devices can purchase two Remote Installation and Consulting Service packages.

Eligibility and Purchasing

The Remote Installation and Consulting Service is only available to Pulse Secure Gold and Platinum Support customers. The device that needs the installation service must have an active Pulse Secure support contract to be eligible for the Remote Installation and Consulting Service.

Key Features and Deliverables

Pulse Secure will provide a support engineer during the installation window requested by the customer and the engineer will support the customer for up to four hours. The installation service will be consumed during one session and will be used for one customer device. The service cannot be split across multiple devices, meetings, or multiple phone calls. Pulse Secure support engineer will deliver the service remotely using Web meeting or phone call. The service does not include an on-site visit to the customer’s physical location.

The assigned Pulse Secure support engineer can provide the customer a base configuration that works with the customer’s requested authentication systems and the engineer will assist the customer with modifying the base configuration as needed to meet the customer’s needs. The Pulse Secure engineer will also provide answers to any deployment related questions. In addition, the engineer will work with the customer’s technical team during the installation service to test the configuration and to ensure that the customer’s test users can successfully connect to the newly installed device and can securely access back end resources.

Customer Responsibility

Pulse Secure’s obligation to provide the applicable Services is conditional upon Customer meeting the following obligations. The provision of the Services assumes that Customer will:

Customer will initiate the request for the Remote Installation and Consulting Service by using the request form on Pulse Secure Support Site –Pulse Secure Support. The customer should provide a lead time of at least twenty-four hours prior to the beginning of the installation service.

Using the Remote Installation Service Request Form available below, the customer will provide hardware, desired software version, authentication systems, firewall type, desired roles, client computing device types, and information about the location of the Pulse Secure hardware and the backend resources that their users need to access.

The customer must initiate the service request within one year of purchasing the service. All service requests that are not consumed within one year from the purchase date will expire.

How to Make a Remote Installation Service Request

Customers that have purchased the Remote Installation and Configuration Service may request the service by using the following process:

  1. Complete the remote installation service request form (see below)
  2. Create a regular support case with subject” Request for Remote Installation” and will attach the form as an attachment. Customers can create a case by contacting Pulse Secure Support or by using the Customer Support Portal
  3. Pulse Secure Support will contact the customer and will work with the customer to clarify any question on the form. In addition, Pulse Support engineers will answer any question the customer may have on the service.
  4. Pulse Secure Support and the customer will agree on the date for the service.

At the appointed date, Pulse Secure Support engineer will start an online meeting and will assist the customer with setting up their device using screen sharing and conference call.

Remote Installation Service Request Form

  1. Remote Installation Service Request Form for Pulse Connect Secure (PCS)
  2. Remote Installation Service Request Form for Pulse Policy Secure (PPS)
  3. Remote Installation Service Request Form for Pulse Workspace (PWS)


The Remote Installation and Consulting Service shall be delivered with any start time on a 24 hour basis Monday through Thursday local time and up to 2:00PM local time on Fridays, excluding Pulse Secure observed holidays.

Services shall be delivered remotely from an authorized Pulse Secure location unless specified otherwise.


Ordering Information

For ordering information, please contact your local Pulse Secure Partner or Pulse Secure field sales manager.