Pulse Secure Field Technician Onsite Service Guide

Call Flow Process:

  • CE will perform both ND and SD service for Pulse Secures customers globally
  • CE will go to site at scheduled time and locate the parts
  • CE will work under the direction of the GSC/GEC Engineer AT ALL TIMES while on site and will use commercially reasonable efforts to help resolve customer problems.
  • CE will verify serial numbers on site prior to equipment swap.
  • CE can only be released by GSC/GEC Support. The customer cannot release the CE. Should the customer insist that the CE leave the site, the CE must call the GSC/GEC Support number and be connected to GSC/GEC engineer to explain the situation.
  • At the end of the service call, CE will box up defective part(s) and ensure they are mailed back to Pulse Secure using the boxes and labels provided by Pulse Secure.
  • CE will contact Pulse Secure Logistics (OnProcess) CSRs by phone and will provide a status on the ticket.
  • CE will also provide Pulse Secure Customer Care the returning waybill number,confirm the defective serial number being returned and the replacement serial number installed into the system.
Boxes and labels are provided with the new replaceable part. If return labels/instructions are not provided, the CE must request mailing instructions from Pulse Secure.

Hours of Coverage and Response Time:


  • Next Day service is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm local time, excluding local, national and state holidays. The response will occur on the business day immediately following receipt of the call by OnProcess. Calls received after 5:00 pm local time shall be considered received the following business day. Outside of these hours will be considered Same Day service.
  • Onsite call duration is assumed to be one hour or less. Duration is measured from the time the technician arrives at the front door until the technician has completed the repair and has left the building. Wait time for access to the equipment is included in the one hour time limit. Call duration is measured monthly. In the event that the average duration exceeds 60 minutes, Essintial reserves the right to adjust the price to reflect the additional time on site.