Platinum Support Services

Service Overview

Platinum Support is the industry’s best response time for Priority 1 issues. On top of our rich and award-winning Gold Support, Platinum Support provides customers with priority handling of service requests and direct access to our technical expert team.

As a Platinum Support customer, you also get proactive onboarding and configuration support for PZTA, Skip Tier Support, and Escalate Now service to help you resolve issues faster. Platinum support also includes proactive threat notifications, Quarterly Business Reports, and other flexible options tailored to meet your support needs.

Service Description

Pulse Secure Platinum Support provides reliable 24x7x365 support, Online Support, and e-learning. Pulse Secure Platinum Support includes 15-minute response time for Priority 1 (P1) issues and Skip-Tier support services. As a Platinum Support customer, you get unlimited access to our Knowledge Base systems, forums, and technical publication library that you can use for self-service or for training your team on Pulse Secure products.

Key Benefits

  • Resolves support issues faster with priority case handling.
  • Increases the efficiency of your operational team by leveraging our cutting-edge case management tool that dynamically searches our knowledge base and provides solutions to common issues in real-time.
  • Lowers operational expenses by using Proactive Notifications, KB system, and Maintenance Window coverage to reduce the time needed for problem identification, troubleshooting, and solution implementation.
  • Improves system availability with regular maintenance releases and new software releases that enable your deployment to be current and compatible with the latest Operating Systems and business applications for desktops and mobile devices.
  • Protects your business and customers through the receipt of regular notifications that include actionable information on security vulnerabilities and their fixes to help you reduce your exposure to vulnerabilities and to minimize risk.
  • Faster time to value for our PZTA Secure Access solution through deployment and adoption assistance from a team of experienced customer success managers.
  • Reduce risk by ensuring that deployments are completed following industry standard best practices.

Key Features and Components

Table 1: Key Features of Platinum Support

Feature Description Benefit
Technical Support Gain access to 24x7x365 Pulse Secure Global Support Center engineers, software updates, online access to our knowledge base, online tools, and hardware replacement options. Tailor a comprehensive range of post deployment technical support plans to meet the specific requirements for your network environment.
Skip Tier Support Skip Tier Support allows your technical contact to skip Pulse Secure’s level 1 support team when submitting a support case. Cases submitted by customers with Skip Tier Support will be handled by Pulse Secure’s support engineers at level 2 or higher. Faster issue resolution.
Effective incident management and Root Cause Analysis Work with our support team to quickly detect the root cause of issues, troubleshoot, analyze possible solutions, and create a root cause analysis that provides actionable insights on the issues with corrective actions to prevent any future occurrence. Reduces down times with faster issue resolution and valuable insights that helps to increase overall system availability.
Proactive Customer Success Services CSA(L1/L2) pool will reach out to customers up to four times a year to check on adoption and usage related issues. Customer realizes full potential of Pulse Secure Solution to enhance their Secure Access needs.
Onboarding and deployment assistance for PZTA Get proactive support for PZTA onboarding and configuration support for Controller and Gateway. Reduce your time to deploy and achieve benefits out of PZTA faster.
Targeted proactive bug and security vulnerability notifications Get pro-active notifications on bugs and security vulnerabilities using our Security Advisory notifications and Product notifications that deliver valuable notifications for critical and major product bugs that may impact your network. Pro-active notifications help reduce the time spent by your operations manager for review and provide actionable information to help prevent down time due to software bug or security vulnerability.
On-demand Quarterly Business Review Quarterly review of your PZTA solution deployment, usage, adoption and key issues and challenges faced. Also, set goals and expectations for next year. Review challenges faced and come up with plan to mitigate them in order to ensure an even better return on your investment.
Effective escalation management Escalate issues to Pulse Secure Management by using case priority or by calling in and requesting to speak to a duty manager. Our duty managers are available globally on a 24x7x365 basis. Rapid escalation empowers you to accelerate the resolution of your issue of if there is a change in the issue priority.
Knowledge transfer Access a series of e-learning courses on product troubleshooting features. Provide comprehensive training for staff members at their convenience and continue the education process for staff management.

Platinum Service Deliverables

Table 2: Platinum Service Deliverables

Component Platinum
Global Support Center Access 24x7x365
Targeted Response Times (Priority 1/2/3)
- Priority 1 15 minutes
- Priority 2 1 hour
- Priority 3 4 hours
Proactive Customer Success Services L1/L2 CSA pool (up to 4 calls/Year)
Online Knowledge Base / Documentations / Forums
Online Portal Access
Maintenance Window Coverage
In-depth Root Cause Analysis
Software Releases & Updates
Support Notifications
Escalate Now
Quarterly and Annual Business Reviews
Skip Tier Support (Expert to Expert)
Product Issues Impact Review
Proactive Onboarding Support Assistance for PZTA
Usage Analysis and Adoption Reports for PZTA
Customized Webinars and Training Sessions for PZTA
US Citizen Support Optional Add-on
Designated Customer Success Manager Optional Add-on
Dedicated Resident Engineer Optional Add-on