Product Issue Impact Review

Service Description

Product Issue Impact Review (“PIIR”) is an add-on service for Pulse Secure customers that have purchased Pulse Secure Gold or Platinum support services (“Customer”).

PIIR services provide in-depth analysis on hardware and software defects (bugs) found in the field that match Customer’s network profile to helps determine the potential impact and risk for your network.

PIIR customers are entitled to one PIIR report per calendar year. Customers can request a PIIR report any time during the duration of their service contract.

Eligibility and Purchasing

Product Issue Impact Review (PIIR) add-on is included in Pulse Secure’s Platinum Support tier. PIIR is an optional add-on for the Gold Support tier.

Service Features and Deliverables

As part of the Services, Pulse Secure will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Customer with the following:

1. Classification of Impact: Analyze the defects identified in the Product Issue Report that match the Customer’s deployed network profile and determine the potential level of exposure on the network (critical, major, minor, none) based on Customer’s specific business and networking requirements.

1.1 Critical Defects: These are problems that severely affect service, capacity/traffic, billing and maintenance capabilities and require immediate corrective action such as:

  • A loss of service that is comparable to the total loss of effective functional capability of an entire system
  • A reduction in capacity or traffic handling capability such that expected loads cannot be handled
  • Any loss of safety or emergency capability (e.g., 911 calls)

1.2 Major Defects: These are problems that seriously affect system operation, maintenance and administration, etc., and require immediate attention. The urgency is less than in critical service impact situations because of a lesser immediate or impending effect on system performance, Customers and the Customer's operation and revenue such as:

  • Reduction in any capacity/traffic measurement function
  • Any loss of functional visibility and/or diagnostic capability
  • Short outages equivalent to system or subsystem outages

1.3 Minor Defects: These are problems that are not traffic affecting and do not significantly impair the functioning of the system or do not significantly affect service to Customers

1.4 No Impact Defects: These are problems that are related to configuration assistance, misuse of product or feature requests.

2. Determine the Probability of Occurrence of a Defect and its Impact: Assessment on the probability (high, low, Indeterminate) that the Customer will encounter the reported defects on their network.

  • High - Probability for issue to happen in live network is high.
  • Low - Probability for issue to happen in live network is low.
  • Indeterminate - Seen under very unusual circumstances or irreproducible problems.

1.3 Recommendations: Recommendations on what course of action Customer should take on the reported defects to avoid potential problems based on Customer specific business and networking requirements.

1.4. Reports: Consolidated reports on product issues and impact analysis.

Customer Responsibility

  1. Pulse Secure’s obligation to provide the applicable Services is conditional upon Customer meeting the following obligations. The provision of the Services assumes that Customer will:
  2. Provide information on the current software releases running in their network infrastructure and current configurations as and when requested by Pulse Secure to enable delivery of the service deliverables mentioned in this offering.
  3. Provide hardware and software inventory along with configuration data as and when requested by Pulse Secure to enable delivery of the service deliverables in this offering.
  4. Provide a primary and backup technical contact that will be responsible for providing the network information required for the services deliverables in this offering.
  5. Participate in ongoing communications with Pulse Secure’s primary contact(s) that will help in the delivery of the service deliverables in this offering.


  1. Services shall be delivered during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., local time, Monday through Friday, excluding Pulse Secure observed holidays.
  2. Services shall be delivered remotely from an authorized Pulse Secure location unless specified otherwise. Customer understands and agrees that Pulse Secure may, in its sole discretion, subcontract the performance of part of the Service.
  3. Product Issue Impact Review service reports are available in English only.


  1. The PIIR Service is limited to one Report per year.
  2. Product Issue Impact Review service deliverables are based on the network profile information provided by the Customer. The scope of this offering may vary and be restricted if the Customer does not provide the required information and documentation completely.
  3. The Product Issue Impact Review report includes the bugs considered relevant which had been discovered prior to the preparation of the report. Although every attempt is made to ensure the Product Issue Impact Review report is as comprehensive as possible; due to complex nature of bugs Pulse Secure can’t guarantee that the review includes a complete list of bugs customer may encounter.

Ordering Information

For ordering information, please contact your local Pulse Secure Partner or Pulse Secure field sales manager.