Gold Support Services

Service Overview

Pulse Secure Gold Support provides phone and online assistance globally to help you resolve any issue with your Pulse Secure deployment. Our Gold Support is designed to increase the productivity of your work force and to reduce operational costs by resolving issues faster and helping you detect issues before they disrupt your network. Gold Support includes unlimited access to our Global Support Centers, online tools, maintenance window coverage, software updates, security vulnerability notifications, and other support services to meet your support needs. In addition, customers can choose one of our expedited hardware replacement options including Same Day, Same Day with On Site Technician, Next Day, and Next Day with On Site Technician.

Service Description

Pulse Secure Gold Support provides reliable 24x7x365 support, Online Support, and E-Learning. We offer one of the fastest response times in our industry for various case priorities. With our Gold Support, you get remote assistance over the phone or online, access to software releases, software updates, and notifications for security vulnerabilities. You also get Maintenance Window coverage to assist your team during complex maintenance operations and to minimize down time and errors during system maintenance. In addition, you get unlimited access to our Knowledge Base systems, forums, and technical publication library that you can use for self-service or for training your team on Pulse Secure products.

Key Benefits

  • Resolves support issues faster with priority case handling
  • Increases the efficiency of your operational team by leveraging our cutting-edge case management tool that dynamically searches our knowledge base and provides solution to common issues in real time.
  • Lowers operational expenses by using Proactive Notifications, KB system, and Maintenance Window coverage to reduce the time needed for problem identification, troubleshooting, and solution implementation..
  • Improve system availability with regular maintenance releases and new software releases that enable your deployment to be current and compatible with latest Operating Systems and business applications for desktops and mobile devices.
  • Protect your business and customers by receiving regular notifications with actionable information on security vulnerabilities and their fixes to help you reduce your exposure to vulnerabilities and to minimize risk.

Key Features and Components

Table 1: Key Features of Gold Support

Feature Description Benefit
Technical Support Gain access to 24x7x365 Pulse Secure Global Support Center engineers, software updates, online access to our knowledge base, online tools, and hardware replacement options. Tailor a comprehensive range of post-deployment technical support plans to meet the specific requirements of your network environment.
Effective incident management and Root Cause Analysis Work with our support team to quickly detect the root cause of issues, troubleshoot, analyze possible solutions, and create a root cause analysis that provides actionable insights on the issue with corrective actions to prevent any future occurrence. Reduced down times with faster issue resolution and valuable insight that helps to increase overall system availability
Inventory management assistance Use our industry leading CRM tool to collect and record the most up-to-date device inventory information on your install base including device name, software version, platform, serial number, and contract details. Effective management of your install base leading to continuous coverage and increased productivity for your users.
Targeted proactive bug and security vulnerability notifications Get pro-active notifications on bugs and security vulnerabilities using our Security Advisory notifications and Product notifications that deliver valuable notifications for critical and major product bugs that may impact your network. Proactive notifications help reduce the time spent by your operations manager for bug review and provide actionable information to help prevent down time due to software bug or security vulnerability.
Effective escalation management Escalate issues to Pulse Secure Management by using case priority or by calling in and requesting to speak to a duty manager. Our duty managers are available globally on a 24x7x365 basis Rapid escalation empowers you to accelerate the resolution of your issue or if there is a change in the issue priority
Knowledge transfer Access a series of E-Learning courses on product troubleshooting features. Provide comprehensive training for staff members at their convenience and continue the education process for staff management.
Service Enrichment Add-Ons Keep Your Hard Drive Service, Product Issues Impact Review Provide additional security protection of log your log files and an annual report that gives valuable insights on the impact of known issues to your deployment

Gold and Platinum Support Tiers

Component Gold Platinum (250+ Users)
Online Knowledge Base/ Documentation / Forums
Online Portal Access
Email & Web Support
Global Support Center Access 24x7x365 24x7x365
Maintenance Window Coverage
In-depth Root Cause Analysis
Software Releases & Updates
Support Notifications
Escalate Now -
Quarterly and Annual Business Reviews -
Skip Tier Support (Expert to Expert) -
Health Check Analysis -
Support Upgrade Recommendation -
Product Issues Impact Review Optional Add-on
Targeted Response Times (Priority 1/2/3)
- Priority 1 1 hour 30 minutes
- Priority 2 1 hour 1 hour
- Priority 3 8 hours 4 hours
Resident Engineer - Optional Add-on
US Citizen Support - Optional Add-on
DSAM Optional Add-on Optional Add-on
LCSM - Optional Add-on
Customer Success Manager - Optional Add-on
Keep Your Hard Drive Service Optional Add-on Optional Add-on

Hardware Replacement Options

Return to Factory Same Day Same Day Onsite Tech Next Day Next Day Onsite Tech Five-Business Days
Advanced Replacement
Pulse Secure Pays Shipping costs
10 days to return defective parts
5-Business Days Delivery (Partners only)
Next Business Day Delivery
Same Day Delivery
Onsite Technician

Service Level Agreement (SLA):

Same Day: 4 hours parts delivery - 7 days a week 24/7 (Including Holidays)

Next Business Day (NBD): 5 days a week, 9 hours a day parts delivery. Replacement parts order must be processed no later than 5PM at the destination local time zone. Local Holidays are excluded and replacement parts will be scheduled to arrive the next Business day after the Holiday

Same Day Onsite Technician: 4 hours part delivery with on site technician

Next Day Onsite Technician: 5 days a week, 9 hours a day parts delivery. RMA order must be processed no later than 5PM at the destination local timezone

Note: These SLAs are based on shipping addresses that match the Installed At address in your Pulse Secure support contract.

Additional Information

For all hardware replacement options, please follow Pulse Secure’s current RMA Policy and Procedures.

Return the defective Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) to a Pulse Secure-specified RMA return depot locations. Depot Locations are subject to change and replacements may be new or refurbished. Please note that actual delivery times may be affected by events beyond Pulse Secure’s reasonable control or by applicable export or import controls and licensing requirements or by local customs processes.

Global Support Center Access

With Pulse Secure Global Support Center (PSGSC) support, you have unlimited 24x7 access to our support engineers by phone and online. As a single point of contact for all of your support needs, PSGSC engineers have extensive experience supporting large-scale networks. PSGSC engineers can help you diagnose system problems, configure, troubleshoot, and provide work-around solutions. To ensure that PSGSC responds as quickly as possible, automatic escalation alerts to senior management are triggered on all priority issues.

Software Releases

Pulse Secure provides you with access to all new software releases as soon as they are made available for general release.

Online Tools

The Customer Support Portal (CSP) provides you with self-service access to Pulse Secure’s online portal for the information, answers, tools, and service options required to ensure the support of your network investment. Features within the CSP include, but are not limited to, software downloads, technical alerts and bulletins, RMA requests, and Knowledge Base access.


Pulse Secure will replace or repair the FRU identified in the Pulse Secure-issued RMA and ship the replacement or repaired FRU, as applicable, to the Ship-to Address within 10 business days after Pulse Secure’s receipt of the defective FRU at the specified RMA return location. The repaired or replacement FRU may be shipped from a Pulse Secure global distribution center.

Next-Day Ship

Pulse Secure will ship FRU replacements to the ship-to address in advance of receiving returned defective hardware on the next business day if Pulse Secure issues an RMA by 3PM (local PSGSC time). The replacement FRU will be shipped from a Pulse Secure in-country depot. “Next-Day Ship” is subject to availability, and is a limited offering that is only available where next day delivery would otherwise be available but for the fact that no in-country depot is close enough to ship-to address to accommodate next-day delivery.

Next-Day Delivery

Pulse Secure will deliver FRU replacements to the ship-to address in advance of receiving returned defective hardware within the next business day if Pulse Secure issues an RMA by 3pm (local PSGSC time). “Next-Day Delivery” is subject to availability.


Pulse Secure will deliver FRU replacements to the ship-to address, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, within 4 hours of issuance of RMA In advance of receipt of defective hardware. “Same-Day” is subject to availability.


Upon final diagnosis of a part failure and replacement authorization by Pulse Secure, a trained service technician is dispatched to the affected site. Once there, the service technician coordinates with PSGSC and the Customer for final resolution of the problem and the Customer will return the defective product to Pulse Secure. Pulse Secure Onsite support offerings do not provide assistance for software troubleshooting or configuration support.

Knowledge Transfer: E-Learning Courses

You also have access to a series of E-Learning courses designed specifically to provide instruction on product troubleshooting features. This allows you to easily train staff members at their convenience and provide continuing education to account for staff turnover.

Service Specifications

Your responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that the requirements identified for your Pulse Secure solution are in place. These requirements are documented in product documentation, user guides, or additional recommendations communicated by the Pulse Secure team from time to time for proper delivery of Pulse Secure services.
  • Ensuring that employees who interface with Pulse Secure service teams have completed required training for supporting Pulse Secure products

Ordering Information

Pulse Secure Gold Support is available globally. For details, please contact your local Pulse Secure Partner or Pulse Secure field sales manager.