Deployment Support Account Manager

Service Overview

Pulse Secure Deployment Support Account Manager (DSAM) is a named contact who provides remote assistance for the deployment of Pulse Secure products. The DSAM is the Customer’s advocate within Pulse Secure to manage service-related activities during the deployment. The DSAM resource is available during the Customer’s local business hours and provides remote assistance for on-boarding, configuration, migration, and user deployment.

DSAM Service is sold as per the scope outlined in offer specific Service Descriptions as. DSAM Service is not customizable and will not require Custom Statement of Work.

Offer Name SKU Max Service Duration Implementation Phase Duration Deployment Monitoring Duration Max Appliance Supported
Deployment Support Account Manager – Small Engagement SVC-PS-DSAM-S 30 Days 15 Days 15 Days 3
Deployment Support Account Manager – Medium Engagement SVC-PS-DSAM-M 45 Days 30 Days 15 Days 6
Deployment Support Account Manager – Medium Engagement US Citizen SVC-PS-DSAM-M-USCS 45 Days 30 Days 15 Days 6


The DSAM will act as a Single Point of contact within Pulse Secure to oversee the deployment of Pulse Secure products and Services. The DSAM is a Senior Engineer who will provide remote hands-on assistance for deploying or resolving issues on Pulse Secure solutions.

The deliverables of the DSAM during Initial Implementation phase of Service includes:

  • Kick-off meeting with project stakeholders from Customer.
  • The DSAM will provide implementation plan and design documents for the project based on Pulse Secure best practices.
  • Remote assistance for software upgrades, new deployments, configuration reviews, and hardware platform upgrades.
  • Recommendations on security fixes, software versions, and release based on the Customer’s deployment scenario and Pulse Secure’s best practices and security guidelines.

The deliverables of the DSAM during Deployment Monitoring phase of Service includes:

  • Help with account set up assistance and ongoing account management
  • Deployment documentation that explains the configured system and selected configuration options. This document will be provided by the DSAM at the end of the deployment.
  • Remote training to the Customer’s technical contact to explain how the system functions and how to perform on-going maintenance on the system, if covered in the Service Description.
  • Monitoring the deployment and resolving any support issue until the expiration of the DSAM service.


  • DSAM Services are provided on Pulse Secure products only.
  • Services shall be delivered remotely from an authorized Pulse Secure location unless stated otherwise. The assigned DSAM resource may not be based in the Customer’s country. However, the DSAM will be available during the Customer’s business hours.
  • One DSAM unit is meant for fixed number of Pulse Secure appliances (HW or VA), as defined in individual Service Description. Customers requiring deployment or handling of more than the specified appliances will need to purchase additional DSAM units.
  • The maximum duration of a DSAM service is the earliest date between the end of the deployment and consecutive number of days after the kick-off meeting specified in Service Description.
  • The DSAM is only for implementing currently supported features. Enhancement requests or unsupported features that are uncovered during the delivery of DSAM services will be escalated to the Pulse Secure support team.
  • DSAM services are provided in English only. Local language and specified DSAM citizenship, if needed, can be purchased separately depending on availability.

Out of Scope

The DSAM Service does not include:

  • Configuring and supporting non-Pulse Secure products.
  • Architecting the Customer’s network. The service assumes that the Customer has network diagrams and the DSAM resource will focus on deploying Pulse Secure appliances to meet the Customer’s desired use cases.
  • On-site assistance. The DSAM service is delivered remotely. Onsite assistance, if required, can be purchased separately.
  • Customer will be responsible for overall Project Management

Eligibility and Prerequisites

Pulse Secure Deployment Support Account Manager (DSAM) addon is available for purchase only by End Customers who have purchased products and services. DSAM services are only for Pulse Secure appliances that have an active Pulse Secure support contract.

The DSAM will notify the Customer, by email, when the deployment is complete. The Customer will have up to five (5) days after such notification to request additional deployment related services. If no services are requested by the Customer after five (5) days following the deployment completion notification, the DSAM services will be deemed complete. Additional service requests by the Customer after the completion of the DSAM service will be handled by the Pulse Secure Customer Support team.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Provide network diagrams, Pulse Secure appliances, IP addresses, and remote access to the DSAM for the deployment.
  • Provide e-mail address and contact information of the technical contact for the deployment services. The Customer will designate contacts who are senior engineers and who have the authority to make any necessary change to the network configuration.
  • Contact Pulse Secure Support to schedule the kick-off meeting and provide all the required information for the service delivery including serial numbers, appliance models, and location of the appliances.
  • Provide information on the current configurations and any configuration back-ups if requested by the DSAM Services.
  • Provide access to servers, equipment, information, logs, infrastructure, users, and other resources that are necessary for the delivery of the service.
  • Participate in ongoing communications and meetings with Pulse Secure primary contact(s) for the delivery of the service and for knowledge transfer at the completion of the deployment
  • Provide Pulse Secure with any information Pulse Secure may reasonably request throughout the delivery of Services. If third party participation and cooperation are required for the performance of Customer responsibilities, the Customer shall be responsible for getting such participation and cooperation.


  • DSAM Services are available globally excluding countries listed in Group E under the U.S. Export Administration regulations, which are currently Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and the Crimea region of Ukraine and any other countries, entities, or individuals to which the delivery of DSAM services may be prohibited by applicable law.
  • The assigned DSAM resource is available during the Customer’s local business hours Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM, excluding Pulse Secure observed holidays.

Ordering Information

For ordering information, please contact your local Pulse Secure Partner or Pulse Secure field sales manager.