Resident Engineer Service

Service Description

Pulse Secure Resident Engineer is a Pulse Secure resource that resides on your chosen location for providing technical and operational assistance on Pulse Secure products. Resident engineers are typically deployed for one year and they work during your local business hours.

Our Resident Engineers work closely with your team. As such, they can help to prevent network issues before they occur. In addition, Resident Engineers are technical experts on Pulse products and can help to resolve issues quickly when they arise.


The key deliverables of a Resident Engineer include:

  • Assisting with Pulse Secure product deployment and initial setup
  • Analyzing system and client side configurations
  • Assisting with asset tracking and management to ensure that all systems are running recommended software
  • Providing regular updates on open service requests
  • Troubleshooting issues on Pulse products
  • Providing technical evaluation of the Pulse Secure deployment and its interoperability with other systems
  • Being the point of contact within Pulse Secure to oversee the delivery of all entitled services in this offering
  • Assist in service planning including setting up meetings with Pulse Secure account teams as needed for planning of future projects
  • Managing escalations related to support and deployment issues
  • Conducting operational review meetings to discuss product and service Key Performance Indicators (KPI) metrics such as cases, problem reports/bugs, Return Materials Authorizations (RMAs), related trends, and Services activities planned for the next quarter.

Eligibility and Prerequisites

Pulse Secure Resident Engineer (RE) add-on is available for purchase only by End Users who have purchased a Pulse Secure Platinum Support contract. The RE Services cover only Pulse Secure products for which the End User has an active Pulse Secure Platinum Support contract. The RE Add-on is not available for purchase by Gold Support tier customers.

The RE Services must be purchased for a term lasting at least 12 months.

End User Responsibilities

  • Install, set up, and monitor the devices under contract.
  • Determine and register the site ID associated with Pulse Secure Platinum Service Contract that has the RE add-on with Pulse Secure, and provide an e-mail address of a primary contract for the site ID.
  • Provide all of the required information to activate the Platinum Services and to enable the delivery of support Services, such as serial numbers of each system.
  • Provide information on the current software releases running in the network and current configurations as and when requested by Pulse Secure to enable delivery of the RE Services.
  • Provide access to servers, equipment, information, logs, infrastructure, and resources that are necessary for the delivery of the Service.
  • Designate at least two (2) but not more than six (6) senior technical representatives, who must be the primary technical interface to the designated contact of the Resident Engineer and other Pulse Secure services teams, if appropriate. The End User will designate contacts who are senior engineers with the authority to make any necessary changes to the network configuration.
  • Participate in ongoing communications with Pulse Secure primary contact(s) who will help in the delivery of knowledge transfer and other proactive communications.
    Participate in meetings that are scheduled ahead of time to discuss service deliverables.
  • Ensure that the requirements identified for the proper working of the Pulse Secure solution are in place. These requirements may be documented in the product documentation or user guides, or they may be additional recommendations communicated by the Pulse Secure team from time to time for proper delivery of Services.
  • Provide Pulse Secure with any information Pulse Secure may reasonably request about the execution of the Services throughout the delivery of Services. If third-party participation and cooperation are required for the performance of End User responsibilities, End User shall be responsible for getting such participation and cooperation.


  • RE Services are available globally excluding countries listed in Group E under the U.S. Export Administration regulations, which are currently Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria and any other countries as to which the furnishing of such Services may be prohibited. However, certain advance replacement and onsite services are not available in certain countries. Services deliverables are available in English only.
  • The Resident Engineer is available during his/her local business hours Monday through Friday, excluding Pulse Secure observed holidays. - AMERICAS: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. - EMEA: 9a.m.to5p.m. - APAC: 9a.m.to5p.m.
  • These Services are available for a minimum fixed duration of 12 months.


  • The scope of Services is limited to the Pulse Secure products and services purchased and in use by the End User.
  • Services shall be delivered onsite at the End User’s chosen location unless stated otherwise.
  • End User named contacts who can open cases with Expert to Expert Access and interface with the Resident Engineer are limited to six (6).
  • All service deliverables in this offering are available in English only.

Ordering Information

For ordering information, please contact your local Pulse Secure Partner or Pulse Secure field sales manager.

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