Keep Your Hard Drive

Service Description

Disposing of a defective hard drive with sensitive or confidential data can be quite a challenge. Some customers may be required legally to keep the drive, which conflicts with our hardware warranty agreements. The result is that you end up being charged for the replacement part.

Eligibility and Purchasing

Pulse Secure Keep Your Hard Drive Service is available only to End Users who have a valid Pulse Secure Gold or Platinum Support contract. The Keep Your Hard Drive service is an optional add-on for Gold and Platinum Support customers.

Key Features and Deliverables

In the event of a hardware failure, customers that have purchased the Keep Your Hard Drive Service will have the option to remove and keep the hard drive of the failed unit before shipping the failed unit to Pulse Secure.
Pulse Secure Global Support Team will provide instructions for removing the hard drive when working on the Return Material Authorization (RMA) Case. This information will be provided either by case attachment or through a Pulse Secure Knowledge Base Article.

Customer Responsibility

Customers will be responsible for removing the hard drive from the defective units following instructions that Pulse Secure support will provide during the Return Material Authorization
Customer will be responsible for ensuring other hardware components, other than the hard drive, will not be damaged during the hard drive removal process. In the event that the customer caused physical damages to the failed unit that prevents Pulse Secure from recycling the defective device, Pulse Secure reserves the right to charge the customer the full cost of the damaged unit.


The Keep Your Hard Drive service is available as an add-on option to customers with Gold or Platinum Support and is available globally.

Ordering Information

For ordering information, please contact your local Pulse Secure Partner or Pulse Secure field sales manager.